Everything Wrong with Universal Primary Education Program In Uganda

A primary school child during a class session in Mayuge District, Uganda

The Universal Primary Education (UPE) program was introduced in 1997 for all people that wanted to access primary education to do so tuition-free. It has now become the provider of primary education for the majority of children in Uganda. However, this special program has earned the spotlight for all the wrong reasons since its inception. …

Decimon during his fellowship

What you go through as a new fellow is not the hell. The real hell is when you close your mind to the possibilities, innovations, hope, and potential in and outside you.

When society is complacent to 60% teacher absenteeism or the daunting 66% hungry pupils, all channels of breakthroughs are seen as ineffective and a wastage of time by those without strength, skill, and optimism to revert the situation.

These facts are similar to those in different countries where new fellows in all the leadership programs that are held by the partners of Teach For All, especially in the…

Teach For Uganda fellow Laker Winnie reading with some of her learns at Bwiwula Primary School in Mayuge District

Ours was a friendship that started on shaky grounds. I had arrived with trauma from boot camp observation of Wandegeya Primary School. The fear of not being understood was hidden within. For they spoke a language alien to that of mine and mine too fell on deaf ears.

I greeted them with a wide smile, and when I spoke further, they replied with ice-cold silence. A reminder echoed in my mind, you must live through it to get to them. We ended our conversation for the day on greetings.

I jumped out of my bed the next day more energized…

Salima, seated at a bench with her Primary Five workbook, during an outdoor learning session at Wamulongo Primary School in Mayuge District

Life is full of ups and downs. But like many people say; staying focused and never giving up rewards hard work.

Early this year in February, I met an 11-year-old girl called Basanya Salima; a primary five pupil at Wamulongo Primary School in Mayuge District, Eastern Uganda.

She is a bright girl and so curious — always willing to learn and explore more ahead of her colleagues in class. I found time to have a conversation with her. …

Chris Obore, Teach for Uganda alumnus

“We cannot live for ourselves alone. Our lives are connected by a thousand invisible threads, and along these sympathetic fibres, our actions run as causes and return to us as results.”

These words of Herman Melville resonate so perfectly with what the ‘Network Connectors’ initiative of Teach for All means to me.

In these so uncertain times when we are not sure what tomorrow holds — with no predictions of what happens in Asia, Europe, Africa, or America — connecting virtually with individuals from around the world holds the back born of triumph, inspiration, and motivation through these uncertain times.

Racheal Byaruhanga facilitating learning to some of her students from their home.

As the partial lockdown continues in Uganda because of the COVID19 pandemic, the future remains unpredictable for everyone. Even though the government has registered great success in reducing the spread of the virus, the checks in place have shaped yet another layer of hardship.

About 15 million Ugandan students can’t access education as the countrywide school closure continues. …

Nature Versus Nurture.

What influences or has more impact on how children behave? Is it an inborn predisposition or is it one’s upbringing and experience?

Being firmly rooted to one point of view may be limiting and many would argue that it is a range of complexities that shape how children grow and develop; some being instinctive and natural while others are conditional and environmental.

Nature sets people up but Nurture profoundly impacts on people’s life trajectories.

Nature dictates that one’s traits are inherited or genetic. …

Solomon Kamukama, 2020–21 Fellow placed at St. Kizito Nabutaka Primary School, Luwero district in Central Uganda.


Solomon Kamukama had planned to travel to Kamwenge in Western Uganda to reunite with his lovely wife and their one-year-old daughter on 26th March, when on the evening of Wednesday 25th he heard the disheartening Presidential announcement that public transport was banned for up to 14 days. That information fell heavy and added injury to the fact that he had not seen his young family for months. He, however, had the option of using private transportation, this meant spending a good deal of money to reach Kamwenge. Instead, he chose to send ‘survival money’ to his wife and wait in…

When tasting a meal for the first time, there are always chances of either liking or disliking it. Why? Because it is human nature. It is possible to have expectations and nobody likes what it looks like when their expectations aren’t met.

Just like our daily meals, learning never truly stops. But to make it ‘tasty’, learning needs to be spiced up as often as possible.

Some of our Primary Five students enthusiastically participating during a lesson.

This is relevant, especially in schools. Learners have different attitudes and values that they attach to their education. This could be because of the experiences shared by the people who had a similar education…

Nothing excites a hungry man like a boiling pot on a cooking stove. His worst heartbreak comes at a time when he realizes that all along, they were boiling stones rather than food.

Academic starvation is not a joke and at a time like this, any learning opportunity is a seed of gold to any school-going child.

We are truly grateful that our Ministry of Education has our children at heart. Do our children and their parents really have a right to more demands? Our televisions are flooding with lessons. All they have to do now is pay for their…

Teach For Uganda

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