A Fellow Promises to Continue Giving the Community Her Best

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2 min readDec 16, 2022

I embarked on this fellowship program this year in early January following an intensive one-month training during which the fellows were taken through the things to do while in the classroom and outside.

Nervousness characterized my first day in the field, being uncertain of whatever was awaiting me, but the children’s eagerness to learn and come to school every other day ignited my enthusiasm to support them in all possible ways, and I subsequently braved out. Initially, their turn-up was very low, nonetheless, I liaised with different stakeholders in the first and second terms through a campaign that was named THE BACK TO SCHOOL CAMPAIGN. That ultimately made the parents’ engagement towards their children’s studies to wax since we had a number of meetings with them. All through the campaign, the parents’ responses were positive and that was so because of the noteworthy support that my supervisor had been rendering.

I have developed an undoubted fondness for my P1 children and the community where I was placed and I am sure nothing will break the bond between us. I could move together with the children to their different homes and I must disclose that the hospitality of the community members and their eagerness to listen to me, compelled me to sacrifice many afternoons and weekends so as to conduct almost daily home visits. After talking to my learners’ parents and guardians, I got to know the learners better and figured out the best ways to help each of them learn better based on their distinct learning needs and problems.

It didn’t take much time for my learners to start coping with what I was teaching them in English as their second language. I am euphoric about my accomplishments since my learners can speak English, can write their names, can say short English stories and can sing English songs. The children have improved so much and they are ready to be promoted to P2 come 2023.

The fellowship is a whole life-changing experience because of its uniqueness. It presents huge challenges to the fellows and if one isn’t ready for it, they may fail to relate well with everyone. I do not regret ever venturing on this leadership journey as I have gained numerous skill sets and experience from it. At the same time, I have been able to connect with so many people because of it. I am overly grateful to Teach For Uganda for challenging me and I promise to do so much for my community and children in this remaining time that I have with them.

Written by:
Akampa Secret, Cohort 4 Fellow
Kiranga Primary School, Namutumba District



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