Charles Obore reflects on being part of the inaugural Teach for All’s Network Connectors initiative

Chris Obore, Teach for Uganda alumnus

“We cannot live for ourselves alone. Our lives are connected by a thousand invisible threads, and along these sympathetic fibres, our actions run as causes and return to us as results.”

These words of Herman Melville resonate so perfectly with what the ‘Network Connectors’ initiative of Teach for All means to me.

In these so uncertain times when we are not sure what tomorrow holds — with no predictions of what happens in Asia, Europe, Africa, or America — connecting virtually with individuals from around the world holds the back born of triumph, inspiration, and motivation through these uncertain times.

The Network Connectors initiative comes at a time when I needed it the most; with my kids out of school because of Covid19 restrictions and finding it challenging to reach out to them and make sure learning continues. I felt low in being able to support my kids. But here comes a mosaic of Network Connectors from over 23 different countries (Teach For All network partners) with different initiatives and approaches to addressing the same goal of providing quality education to our children.

With virtual tea-meetings I have had with a number of them, it has lifted my spirit, refilled my energy, and solidified my thinking that we can push for better for our kids and communities.

Charles Obore (TFU 2019 Alumni in orange) with his students at his Kumi Mustard Seed Girls Soccer Enterprise he launched soon after his 2-year fellowship with TFU. Charles is one of the alumni leaders championing social change in his home district of Kumi, post-fellowship using soccer as a leadership tool to keep girls in school. Photo Credit: Charles Obore

When I connect with fellow connectors from India, United States, Nigeria, and others in this network — I feel loved, cherished, and accepted in the whole world. It elevates me beyond the world’s traditional social boundaries, entangles me in a nutshell of a new world full of acceptance, empathy, and togetherness which reminds me of the African powerful word of ‘Ubuntu’.

From our first few months of working together, I have learned different cultures, norms and tried out to learn different languages from all over the world which has cultivated my interest in connecting more and cementing our bonds. I have been much privileged to be invited by other connectors to participate in virtual conversations with leaders and communities in their work areas where I have learned and unlearned several ideas and practices.

If I have gained all this much in such a short period and from a small group of 51 individuals, then my expectations are showering so high for what comes ahead of our networking and collaborations in terms of idea exchange and project co-creation.

Associating with Teach for All gives you a huge global network of thousands of change-makers from across the world, that comes with thousands of ideas at your doorsteps. When you reach out and tap into this network which is ever ready and much willing not just to connect but support and build each other then you will never feel lonely and your community would have moved a step further towards solving its inherent challenges.

I deeply encourage all my friends in the Teach for All network from over 53 countries to reach out to this network especially my believed brothers and sisters from the Teach for All African network. We have a lot to share and gain from this amazing network, connecting expanded possibilities in work and life for ourselves as well as for others.



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